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                                     What is Mobile Party Print?

Mobile Party Print is like a photo booth on steriods and is the modern version of disposable cameras on the table.

Event guest will download a free App from Itunes or Google Store, then use their mobile phones or device to capture "candid" shots of the event.  The pictures your guest take automatically get sent to a printer at the Mobile Party Print Kiosk via private WIFI and printout within 30 seconds for your guest to keep and cherish. A digital copy will be saved on the party print computer for you. With options like custom borders, USB drive of archived images, duplicate prints and even displaying the photos live on a monitor at the event as they are being taken, Mobile Party Print will make a great addition to your event,


                      Mobile Party Print Services Include:

  • Trained Attendant to assist your guests
  • Unlimited 4x6 color prints
  • Digital copy of all prints on USB drives
  • Backup equipment
  • Special pricing for 3 hour packages

Below are the Party Print instructions that will be on every table at your event

event dJ   / photo boothS


Call: 914-447-6714

Mobile Party Print

Mobile Party Print Options

  • Props package ( Wedding Or Party)           
  • Double prints of each picture                       
  • Additional time/hr                                        
  • Wait Time: (per person)                              
  • Step and Repeat Banner w/ stand (8x8)    
  • Red Carpet and Velvet rope                       
  • Custom Print Border                                   
  • Monitor Rental (24 inch)                             
  • 50 inch HD projector